Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Begining

Thank you so much for joining me! I am so happy you could make it. My name is Jill AnnMarie. I am married to the most amazing man Matthew Thomas. We live a simple life, but a life we love. I though that it was time that I share my story and what I love with the world.
From the time I was very young I loved Christmas. I love the warmth, the memories, the excitement that comes from it. I was never like the other kids, its wasn't about the gifts or Santa, it was about more.... the family, friends, dressing up, food, decorating and so much more.
When I was just a child I remember meeting another side of my father. He began having these extravagant Ukrainian Christmas parties. When the people would arrive it was like he was a child. He was so happy, so warm towards everyone. I loved it. Its the best memory I have of him. A few years later my father passed away. His funeral was on his favorite day... Ukrainian Christmas. This of course took away from this day. It was no longer as happy and warm as I remembered. I tried many years to make it better, fun, happy, but I couldn't do it, not like my father.
About 10 years ago I became very ill. I was later diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and well we still don't know what else. I lost everything. Friends, money.... everything. I had to move back in with my Mother. (Whom I cherish very much.) One night I had a dream. One of those dreams where you know you are in one and just go with it for fun. There was my father, at the front of my mothers church. I walked to him and asked him what we were doing. He told me I was getting married. After I finished laughing I asked to whom and he told me Matthew. The next morning I woke up, called a friend and got in contact with Matthew Thomas. Over time we started dating and ended up getting married. My husband, being the man that he is suggested we get married on Ukrainian Christmas to bring back the happiness and warm feelings. And that is exactly what we did.
This is just a story that I felt would give you a tim bit into the life I have lived and will live. Not every post will be like this. I plan to share recipes, ideas, funny stories and so much more.
Thank you once again for joining me!